Law Related Course Electives

Florida Department of Education Course Code Directory

The Florida Department of Education Course Code Directory lists a wide variety of law related electives to offer in your high school or middle school. Many school districts have developed law magnets or academies using these courses.

Course numbers and descriptions can be accessed by clicking on the course name listed below.

High School Electives

2106370 – Comprehensive Law Studies
2106375 – Comprehensive Law Honors
2106350 – Law Studies
2106355 – International Law
2106468 – Constitutional Law Honors
2106380 – Legal Systems and Concepts
2106390 – Court Procedures
2106400 – Court Procedures Internship

Middle School Electives

2106030 – M/J Law Studies

Learn More About Our Curriculum

  • Benchmarks Adult Education Program 

    The Florida Bar Benchmarks Program is a program of the Constitutional Judiciary Committee and includes a series of law-related activities developed for adult, nonpartisan group presentations.

  • iCivics 

    iCivics is an innovative web-based civic education project targeting teachers and students with games and lessons designed to reinforce Florida’s civics and government standards.

  • #justadulting 

    Through The Florida Bar’s dynamic Just Adulting mobile app, Florida’s high school seniors can be better prepared to “adult” in this exciting world of rights, responsibilities, and obligations.

  • Justice Teaching 

    Justice Teaching is a partnership program pairing lawyers and judges with elementary, middle, and high school classes throughout Florida.

  • Life Inside 

    Life Inside is a video and curriculum on the Florida system of corrections. The thirty minute program comes with lessons and background materials for teachers.

  • Middle School Civics Curriculum 

    The Florida Law Related Education Association, Inc. has developed a seventh grade course outline and sampler of lessons to assist school districts and teachers in successfully implementing the seventh grade civics course.

  • Other National Resources 

    A list of websites that have been selected because of their potential use for civic educators.

  • Project Citizen 

    Project Citizen is a curricular program for middle, secondary, and post-secondary students, youth organizations, and adult groups that promotes competent and responsible participation in local and state government.

  • We the People 

    The primary goal of We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution is to promote civic competence and responsibility among the nation's elementary and secondary students.