Benchmarks Adult Education Program

About The Florida Bar Benchmarks Program

The Florida Bar Benchmarks Program is a program of the Constitutional Judiciary Committee and includes a series of law-related activities developed for adult, nonpartisan group presentations. Attorneys and judges are encouraged to utilize the presentations as part of the Florida Bar Speakers Bureau Program. Each activity ranges from 30 to 40 minutes in length and includes a warm up exercise to have participants think and/or discuss certain issues or dilemmas prior to the presentation. Most activities include a PowerPoint and an interactive component to involve the audience in the process.

All activities are housed on The Florida Bar website at

Benchmarks: Raising the Bar on Civics Education 

This specific module includes multiple educational presentations designed for civic and community groups/forums. Studies document the limited knowledge Americans hold about our courts and the US Constitution. As knowledge of the courts increases, so too does trust and confidence in the judicial branch.

Below is a link to a podcast from the Legal Talk Network regarding the Benchmarks program. The podcast was taped at the Florida Bar Annual Convention. Speakers include Annette Boyd Pitts, Richard Levenstein, and Judge Michelle Sisco.

Florida Bar Annual Convention 2015: Benchmark Civics Education Program Podcast

Benchmark Activities

The Florida Law Related Education Association, Inc. developed and piloted the presentation models. Benchmarks activities are available online and include:

Benchmarks Toolkit

  • Constitution and the Bill of Rights: What’s Not in the Bill of Rights?, Is it Unconstitutional? The Case of the Scarlet Tag, Amending Florida’s Constitution: The Role of the Courts, Case Study: Is it Reasonable?, Florida v. Jardines
  • Courts and the Judicial Branch: How to Judge Judicial Candidates?, Judge for Yourself, The Role of Juries, Sorting Out the Courts, What the Law Means
  • Special Topics: Every 20 Year – Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission, Could You Pass the Test?, Who Has the Right?

Speakers and Training

Attorneys who become trained in Benchmarks by attending a seminar are eligible to earn CLE credits. Sign up with the Speakers Bureau to learn about presentation opportunities. To order free Constitution pamphlets for your presentation, call (850) 561-5834. Also, learn more by following the news and upcoming events.

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Evaluation of Presentation

Florida Constitution Revision Commission Benchmarks Webinar

In this Benchmarks webinar titled, “Examining the Issues, Evaluating Proposals: 2017-2018 Florida Constitution Revision,” Annette Pitts, Executive Director of The Florida Law Related Education Association, Inc., and Judge Augustus Aikens, Chair of the Constitutional Judiciary Committee, discuss how the Florida Constitution can be amended while focusing on the Florida Constitution Revision Commission and proposals that will be on the 2018 General Election ballot.

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