High School Mock Trial Competition

The Most Hands-on, Intensive Learning Simulation About The Trial Process

The Florida High School Mock Trial Competition is an academic competition in which a team of 6-8 students simulate the roles of both attorneys and witnesses in a fictional trial situation. Students have approximately five months to prepare for their roles.

Case materials, questions and answers, and other resources are posted on-line by FLREA, Inc. Students compete against other teams in their judicial circuit, and the winner of that competition comes to the state competition which is typically held in March at the Orange County Courthouse. Some circuit competitions are organized by local contacts. FLREA organizes remaining circuits which operate without local coordinators. This is the most hands-on, intensive learning simulation about the trial process available to high school students. For additional details, please contact Erin Watson at ewatson@flrea.org.

Taking Cases Through The Courts
Taking Cases Through The Courts
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State Competition

Date: TBD
Location: Orange County Courthouse, 425 N. Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801


11th Judicial Circuit – You MUST register with your local coordinator. Please contact the district Social Science office at MDelgado4@dadeschools.net for registration information and deadlines.

17th Judicial Circuit – You MUST register with your local coordinator. Please contact Dr. Louise Ball at louise.ball@browardschools.com. Registration deadline is October 12th.

2018 Florida High School Mock Trial Registration

All teams must register with the State office in order to participate in the competition. Registrations must be completed with the State office by November 17th. Please see note above regarding the 11th and 17th Circuit. For inquiries about registration, please contact Erin Watson at ewatson@flrea.org.

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Case Materials and Rules

The case materials will be posted in October of 2018.

2018-2019 Florida High School Mock Trial Case Summary

Jordan Brooks and Riley Gordon met their freshman year in high school and soon became good friends. They often liked to “one-up” each other with stunts and pranks. Both had a love for film and performing stunts.  Both were popular on social media and had developed a “friendly competition” to see who could get the most views and followers. They would regularly collaborate on stunts.

On Friday, August 31, 2018, Jordan Brooks was driving Riley home from an away football game, followed by friends Parker Moore and Harper Davis. They had stopped on a friend’s house to celebrate their team’s win on the way home, so it wasn’t until after 11:00pm until they decided to head home. While they were driving they decided to create a dance challenge video. At that time there were thousands of videos trending with a dance challenge set to the song “Heart in My Hand”. Riley climbed out of the passenger window onto the roof of the car and began performing the dance on the roof while the stunt was filmed.

Jordan Brooks claims they attempted to slow the vehicle when something jumped out into the road which made Jordan swerve and attempt to brake. Jordan claims when s/he tried to apply the brakes, they were not working properly. Riley fell from the roof of the car and died at the scene.

Parker says there was nothing in the road that caused the incident and believes Jordan was trying to prank Riley and jerked the steering wheel on purpose.

Harper Davis said s/he saw an animal in the road and remembers seeing an Ibis fly away from the road just as Riley fell from the roof. Harper believes the video was Riley’s idea as she had been talking about it the week prior to the incident.

Jordan wasn’t wearing a seat belt and experienced rib pain from the incident. Jordan was taken to the hospital. While at the hospital, Jordan had a blood test. The blood test revealed a blood alcohol level of 0.019.

Jordan was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide (782.071 FS) and manslaughter by culpable negligence (782.07 FS).

Full Case Packet Coming Soon! 


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