International Partnerships

A Leader

The Florida Law Related Education Association, Inc. has long been recognized as a leader in Florida and the United States in the area of law-focused, nonpartisan civic education. Its presence internationally has also been longstanding. After the fall of communism, FLREA participated in the Civitas International Civic Education Exchange Program and administered trilateral international partnerships to advance education for democracy. Executive Director Annette Boyd Pitts began working in Hungary in 1995 and has worked in 25 countries, presenting regularly at the World Congress on Civic Education. In addition to Hungary, FLREA partnered with Romania, Panama, and Peru to acquaint international educators with exemplary civic education programs; share training and curricular resources and models; facilitate the exchange of ideas and practices among policymakers and other gatekeepers; create student based simulations of government in action; involve government officials in civic education programs and classrooms; and implement research and program evaluation.

Civitas Hungary
Intercultural Institute of Timisoara


Highlights from the partnerships included development of an international Democracy Camp for high school students to be exposed to the institutions and processes of democracy in host countries; gatekeeper delegations of officials from partner countries to experience elections, government transparency and accountability measures, and civic education policies and practices; and the development of student academic competitions such as Project Citizen and Citizens in a European Democracy.

FLREA continues to work with other countries to share expertise in civic education programs, policies, and practices. For additional information, contact FLREA at

Learn More About Our Programs

  • Benchmarks Adult Education Program 

    The Florida Bar Benchmarks Program is a program of the Constitutional Judiciary Committee and includes a series of law-related activities developed for adult, nonpartisan group presentations.

  • Florida Law Honor Society 

    The Florida Law Honor Society is a program offered by The Florida Law Related Education Association, Inc. to secondary schools as a way to incentivize and reward strong academic and voluntary achievements in the field of law education.

  • High School Mock Trial Competition 

    The Florida High School Mock Trial Competition is an academic competition in which a team of 6-8 students simulate the roles of both attorneys and witnesses in a fictional trial situation.

  • #justadulting Mobile App 

    Through The Florida Bar’s dynamic Just Adulting mobile app, Florida’s high school seniors can be better prepared to “adult” in this exciting world of rights, responsibilities, and obligations.

  • Middle School Mock Trial Virtual Competition 

    The competition requires no travel but instead provides an avenue for middle school classes to participate in a simulated trial in the classroom or at a local courthouse.

  • Moot Court Competition 

    This two-part program offers a unique opportunity to learn about the appellate process. Students write briefs and submit for evaluation.

  • President’s Service Award 

    The President's Service Award is issued by the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation on behalf of the President of the United States.

  • Project Citizen 

    Project Citizen is a curricular program for middle, secondary, and post-secondary students, youth organizations, and adult groups that promotes competent and responsible participation in local and state government.

  • US Senate Youth Program 

    A unique educational experience for outstanding high school students interested in pursuing careers in public service.

  • We the People 

    Promoting civic competence and responsibility among the nation’s elementary and secondary students.