Here are a few solid suggestions for school districts:

  1. Don’t wait to teach civics in middle school. Districts should embrace civics at the elementary level to be successful. We recommend using the We the People…the Citizen and the Constitution elementary level one book in fifth grade. It is a great start and will introduce your students to important principles and concepts as well as provide opportunities for strengthening cognitive complexity levels through the mock congressional hearing component.
  2. Sign up for our Middle School Civics Curriculum materials and start using the Getting to the Point lessons based on the Civics Item Specification booklet. These include lessons and PowerPoints to help you prepare for the civics assessment. The other lessons in the curriculum help supplement the curriculum. If you are already registered, check back frequently for updates and new lessons now that we have a new platform.
  3. How about supplementing your civics courses by adding a law studies elective at the middle school level? It will provide additional content in the law component of civics and help strengthen student knowledge and understanding. Contact for additional information.
  4. Schedule quality professional development for your middle school civics teachers and strengthen your learning communities!!! Provide the content and methods needed to prepare students for the civics EOC assessment. Contact FLREA at or request a training.